Terms of Use

This is an agreement between you and SAMMYGIFT for online services. You agree not to violate any laws of any jurisdiction you are originating from, or terminating into.

You agree to protect your user id/password and our system from unauthorized use. You are responsible for all actions that occur on our servers where the login uses your user id/password.

You agree to verify account info and RP after got notification from us. Once verified, we won’t provide refund. If services provided us don’t work within 24 hours, we will give you a full refund. You can contact with us and show me screeshots that we can deal with your order as fast as possible.

Regarding game accounts provided by us, we just sell one account to one user and don’t sell one account to many players. If you find your account doesn’t work ever, please contact with us. Some bought accounts for a long time and they can’t login for incorrect password. Maybe your accounts had been hacked. You can tell us the username, we can try to recover password for you. We don’t promise the way does work for every time. Because we won’t running all phone numbers all the time, if we are running those phone numbers, we will reset password for you. If not, we can’t help you. Please do pay more attention to account info. Don’t tell anyone about details of your game account. Custom a stronger password for your account.


SAMMYGIFT hereby states that, no services would be offered to clients residing in African nations except South Africa. This step had to be taken in awake of increasing complaints on fraudulent activities originating from Nigeria. However,SAMMYGIFT reserves its right to allow any one as an exception to get service except pay via Westerun Union.

This is the whole agreement. From time to time, We may post a new terms of service that will become binding and it is the responsibility of the users to periodically check for new Terms of Service.


SAMMYGIFT shall not be liable under any circumstances for any special, consequential, incidental or punitive damages arising out of or in any way connected with this Agreement and/or any services and products that the you may choose to purchase or use, including but not limited to: damages for lost profits, loss of service use, loss of data, loss of privacy, damages to third parties. This limited liability clause shall apply even if SAMMYGIFT has been notified of the possibility of any claims. In no event shall SAMMYGIFT maximum liability exceed the total amount paid by you for the service or the product.


At times, there are changes and amendments to SAMMYGIFT Terms and Conditions.SAMMYGIFT has all the rights to modify and alter Terms and Conditions, whenever it is necessary and required bySAMMYGIFT. However, in case of any material changes,SAMMYGIFT will always notify its customer through an update or email.

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