Top 5 Best Flowers Delivery to Shanghai China From Local Florist

Shanghai is an international metropolis.According to the State Administration of Foreign Experts, the number of foreigners working in Shanghai is 215,000, accounting for 23.7 percent of China total and ranking NO.1 in China.

More and more people are coming to Shanghai for work, study, reunions, and personal matters.If you’re thinking about sending presents to a friend in Shanghai but don’t know exactly what to give, you might want to check out the flower.

Flowers are never a bad choice for a gift. It’s the most convenient way of surprising a friend with a gift on their special day. Anyway, we did the work ourselves and searched for the top 5 flowers in Shanghai. Check them out.

1.SPECIAL YOU (9 purple roses)

  • Materials: 9 purple roses, 0.2 sticks of pink forget-me-not, 0.2 sticks of purple lover grass
  • Flower Language: Warmth fills the heart, the sky reflects the colors, I feel the beat of every heartbeat, is a confession of my heart's love!
  • Suitable:Lover丨Girl friend
  • Price: $43.99

2.SOLICITUDE (33 red carnations)

  • Materials: 33 red carnations, 15 Dianthus plums
  • Flower Language:Mom, you are my only concern, turning my heart's blessings into sunshine warmth and staying in your heart forever!
  • Suitable:Mothers丨Teachers丨Elders
  • Price: $69.90

3.SUNSHINE (5 sun flower

  • Flower Language: Feel the openness and ease of life, open your heart, savor the peace and quiet of the years, and smile lightly.
  • Materials: 5 sunflowers, 6 multiheaded tuberose roses, 3 white daisies, 0.1 sprigs of white daisies, 3 imported round eucalyptus leaves
  • Suitable:Elders丨Friends
  • Price: $106.9

4.Faithful (11 red rose)

  • Flower Language: 11 roses, meaning one heart and one soul!
    A person with love, every day is a festival. A sentence of warmth, a line of mutual hustle; a piece of advice, a piece of paper passed on; a thought, a heart looking forward to; a love, a lifetime of love.
  • Materials: 11 red roses, pink (or light purple) forget-me-not 0.3 tie, 8 gardenia leaves
  • Suitable:Lover丨Girl friend
  • Price: $49.9

5.PROMISE(99 red rose)

  • Flower Language: Flowers When it rains, give her an umbrella; when it's cold, give her a warm arm; when it's dark, always have a light for her; when you get up in the morning, give her a warm ray of sunshine. Love her, send her a bouquet of 99 roses!
  • Materials: 99 red roses
  • Suitable:Lover丨Girl friend
  • Price: 149.90$
And that’s our list for the best flowers in Shanghai! Have you already decided which one you’d like to buy? Tell us all about it!

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